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E.J. McMahon explains – Gov. Cuomo has cleared the way for an increase in the share of health insurance premiums paid by retired s

tate workers. Under their new contract, active members of the Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) will see their share of premiums rise, from 10% to a minimum of 12% for individual coverage and from 25% to a minimum 27% for additional family members’ coverage. The premium increase is on a sliding scale based on income, with workers in the highest grades paying six percentage points more, or up to 16% for individual coverage and up to 31% for individual coverage. Effective Oct. 1, the Division of the Budget confirms, the state will apply the minimum two% increase to premiums paid by all retired state employees.


Register for the Tax Cap Challenge!

DiNapoli, Suozzi to speak at HV Conference on Local Government

Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress, with

CRREO at SUNY New Paltz, presents “The Tax Cap Challenge”, the 2011

Fall Conference on Local Government, at SUNY New Paltz October 3. Among the speakers will be State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli and Tom Suozzi, the former Nassau County Executive who chaired the NYS Commission on Property Tax Relief.

Monday, October 3, 2011 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
SUNY New Paltz Student Union Building
$50 Pattern Members, $60 Non-members
Discounted $30 rate for elected/appointed officials, and employees of local governments/school districts


Bedford officials override tax cap despite unhappy speakers at Town Hall

The Westchester Journal News reports on the 9/20/11 public hearing

about the Board of Town of Bedford voting to overriding NYS's 2% tax cap.

The Town Board of BEDFORD “dispensed with a popular state-imposed 2 percent limit on property-tax increases after hearing one of the largest Town Hall crowds in recent memory speak out…

“'What moved me was my concern that the board has lost touch with the economic reality of many of its constituents,' said Wolfgang Armbruster, a retired Wall Street executive and father of three from Bedford who attended his first Town Hall meeting in 25 years Tuesday specifically to object to the town's position. 'They listened to us but clearly their minds were made up before the meeting started.'”

“…Town Board challenger Luke Vander Linden…paid for automated calls to Bedford voters the night before the board acted. The robocall of 2,700 households led to a crowd showing up at Town Hall the next night and also asked people to indicate with a push-button vote whether they supported the tax cap. The result: 74 percent of the 360 people who responded said they favored the tax cap, according to Vander Linden.”



The Property Tax Cap: The Good, Bad and the Future

Tuesday, September 27th, 8:00 pm
Harmon Community Center
44 Main Street, Hastings-on-Hudson
Learn about the recently enacted property tax cap, its possibilities and perils, as well as alt

ernatives for funding education and local governments.
Panelists will include:
  Thomas J. Abinanti, NYS Assemblyman
  Ron Deutsch, Director, New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness and Coordinator, Omnibus Consortium
  Nicolette Minozzi, Westchester East-Putnam Region PTA Advocacy Chairperson
  William M. Mooney, Jr., President, Westchester County Association
Sponsored by:
  Concerned Families of Westchester
  Westchester for Change
  Dobbs Ferry Democratic Committee
  Hastings-on-Hudson Democratic Committee
  Irvington Democratic Committee



The NYS 2% TAX CAP is not an end in itself. By itself, it's unfinished business. The missing link is meaningful mandate relief passed by the NYS Legislature. The cap and mandate relief are a two step strategy to control runaway NYS spending mand

ates which make Westchester's property taxes among the highest in the nation.

Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino explains the two step here. NYS Assemblyman Robert Castelli explains it here (click on the “Tax Cap Now”) video. Unfortunately, however, the NYS Legislature has not yet provided the phase 2 mandate relief. Voters all over NYS need to urge their state Senator and Assemblyman to provide it.
As Astorino says, mandates are credit cards hidden in our county, school, and town budgets by the NYS Legislature. This is true all over NYS – not just Westchester County. The combined spending in those three budgets is the main ingredient of NYS property taxes. The legislature makes the spending decision but doesn't pay; by law, local elected officials and property owners must comply and get stuck with the bill for something they didn't choose.
By camouflaging and dispersing its mandate spending in 3 separate county, school, and town budgets, instead of the state budget, the NYS Legislature obscures the spending from public view. Transparency is lacking. Voters can't easily see what the legislature is doing and hold the legislature accountable.
Our property tax bill is a Trojan horse. Hidden inside are the mandates that are causing economic havoc in New York State, with plenty more economic pain looming in the next few years due to ballooning mandate escalations.
Need specifics? In his second State of the County address, Westchester County Executive Astorino provides mandate numbers for Westchester County :
“This year in Westchester, nine state mandates will consume three quarters of our tax levy…75 cents of every property tax dollar. We start with a property tax levy of $548 million. And each of the mandates gobbles up a portion of it.
Youth Detention ($2.9 million)
Child Welfare ($7.4 million)
Probation ($15.2 million)
Indigent Defense ($17 million)
Early Intervention ($17.5 million)
Preschool Special Education ($42.6 million)
Pension Costs ($51 million)
Public Assistance ($51.9 million)
And Medicaid, the mother of all mandates at ($211 million or 38% of the tax levy).
There you have it. State mandates have just gobbled up $416 million of our property tax dollars.”
The NYS legislature's failure to provide meaningful mandate relief simultaneously with the tax cap presents a big problem for local elected officials. Though required to satisfy the cap, they mostly have no legal power to cut the mandate portion of their budgets – so they face disproportionate cuts to their local services to meet the cap and face angry voters unaware of the Legislature's role in creating the situation. How do local officials respond?
On Sept. 20, the 5 member board of the town of Bedford voted to override the cap. They want the freedom to ignore a legislature that wants local boards to limit local spending while not limiting its own NYS mandate spending with the same cap or some other way. Said Town Board member Peter Chryssos at Bedford's 9/20/11 tax cap public hearing(click on the 9/20/11 hearing, go to minute 76.45),”The same people who year after year handed us increases in sales taxes and other types of taxes are now telling us that we have to be more responsible, and they are going to show us the way on how to manage our money. This is nothing but a shell game…It's as if, if you use the analogy that this were a corporation, it's almost as if we have a board of directors who said to us, here's what we'd like you to do, we don't want you to increase revenues – we want you to increase profits, though – and by the way I need you to hire these 10 people who are related to me and put them on the payroll. Impossible to do…I find the hubris at the state level for them to come down and tell us how we need to manage our municipal funds just unconscionable…What they're really doing is, they're funding all the things they don't have the courage to come and face you and say by the way all of this money is going for this pension plan, all the money is going for this wasted project…the difference being that all of you that are sitting here can come, pick up the phone and call us, or come here and talk us, or vote us in or out of office based on the financial decisions that we make. You don't have that with the state.”
The solution to all this? The NYS Legislature must pass meaningful mandate relief.
This is a statewide problem. Voters all over NYS must first ask their county legislators, their school boards, and their town boards to follow Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino's example and identify the mandate portions of each of their budgets. This will provide transparency and enable voters to understand the Property tax bill Trojan horse.
And after voters understand? Voters should heed Governor Cuomo's words last May when he asked voters for help in passing the tax cap:
“When the people make their voice heard, the politicians will listen. Politicians who defy the will of the people are not politicians for long. You just have to get democracy to work, which is going out explaining the situation to people, getting them organized, getting them mobilized.”
Voters all over NYS must convince their own state senator and state assemblyman to follow the lead of Assemblyman Robert Castelli and several of his fellow legislators and dedicate themselves to meaningful and prompt mandate relief. Castelli and some legislator colleagues are demonstrating courageous leadership to confront the mandate problem head on by proposing Bill no A8447, The Taxpayer Relief and Mandate Protection Act.

As Assemblyman Castelli said to the the Bedford Town Board on 9/20/11 (click on the 9/20/11 meeting, go to minute 102), “I do not mind being in the middle of the maelstrom. That's why I got elected, to address the problems not to duck them like so many people up there [in Albany] have done in the past” (and continuing at minute 106), “The state is in crisis…As I tell my friends and colleagues up there [in NYS Legislature in Albany], we've met the enemy. He is us [the Legislature]. He's not you [looking and gesturing toward the Town Board, i.e. local elected officials]…and Lord knows he is not all of you [looking and gesturing at the people in attendance, i.e. the voters] We created this problem. It is up to us to fix that problem.”

If NYS Senators and Assemblyman do not fix the problem with effective mandate relief as the voters ask them to, voters should not re-elect them. In Governor Cuomo's words, “Politicians who defy the will of the people are not politicians for long.”

Posted by H. Robinson


CSEA President says LET NY WORK is "detestable" and a "perversion of reality."

That's not what BEST4NY thinks.   But that's what Danny Donohue, President of CSEA, one of NYS's largest unions,  buy cialis online

tement-of-csea-president-danny-donohue-in-response-to-gov-andrew-cuomos-let-ny-work-agenda&catid=34:municipal-labour&Itemid=77″ target=”_blank”>wrote on Nov. 3: “The package of so-called public sector reforms put forward under the  banner of the Let NY Work coalition — apparently at the urging of Gov.   Andrew Cuomo — is another despicable broadside on working people. Their bile is a perversion of reality that misrepresents the facts about very  complex issues facing our state.”   And he characterizes the 11 organizations forming the LET NY WORK coalition as Cuomo's “front group.”

Detestable?  Bile?  Perversion?  Misrepresents?   Front group?   Sure – name-calling might rev up existing  supporters of CSEA policies.  And it deflects attention from the merits of LET NY WORK by dodging any mention of those merits.   And dismissing the 11 powerful and influential LET NY WORK coalition members (see the Nov 15 post below) as a Cuomo front group might be intended to reduce the impact of the coalition and to conceal from public view the large and substantial support for LET NY WORK among the members of the 11 coalition organizations.   

But name-calling won't persuade the unpersuaded that CSEA's policies are better than LET NY WORK'S  and won't help NYS residents understand and find a way out of NYS's fiscal and property tax crisis.   NYS's problems aren't too  complex for savvy NYS voters, if the alternatives are explained to them forthrightly.   Complexity shouldn't be an excuse for the NYS legislators who created the “complexity” to escape oversight or discussion about the complex crisis they've created. 

 NYS's residents are suffering – that's no secret.  And  NYS's biggest lay off problem is the 1,600,000+ residents forced to move out of NYS in the last 10 years by NYS's unfriendly tax and business climate – a self-perpetuating cycle wherein those most victimized by the status quo don't vote against the NYS policies which drove them away, because they are no longer NYS voters.   

NYS voters deserve a clear explanation of the pros and cons of various policies proposed by various parties as solutions for NYS's problems.  CSEA Pres. Donohue is informed and knowledgeable.  Doubtless he has persuasive arguments for his policy preferences and opposition to LET NY WORK.  What are his arguments?   Hopefully in the near future, he will provide  a thoughtful and detailed explanation for  opposing LET NY WORK's specific policy recommendations.   NYS voters deserve reasoned and thoughtful explanations from their leaders.  BEST4NY trusts a majority of NYS voters to make the best choices  for NYS, if the voters are fully informed about those choices.