CSEA President says LET NY WORK is "detestable" and a "perversion of reality."

That's not what BEST4NY thinks.   But that's what Danny Donohue, President of CSEA, one of NYS's largest unions,  buy cialis online

tement-of-csea-president-danny-donohue-in-response-to-gov-andrew-cuomos-let-ny-work-agenda&catid=34:municipal-labour&Itemid=77″ target=”_blank”>wrote on Nov. 3: “The package of so-called public sector reforms put forward under the  banner of the Let NY Work coalition — apparently at the urging of Gov.   Andrew Cuomo — is another despicable broadside on working people. Their bile is a perversion of reality that misrepresents the facts about very  complex issues facing our state.”   And he characterizes the 11 organizations forming the LET NY WORK coalition as Cuomo's “front group.”

Detestable?  Bile?  Perversion?  Misrepresents?   Front group?   Sure – name-calling might rev up existing  supporters of CSEA policies.  And it deflects attention from the merits of LET NY WORK by dodging any mention of those merits.   And dismissing the 11 powerful and influential LET NY WORK coalition members (see the Nov 15 post below) as a Cuomo front group might be intended to reduce the impact of the coalition and to conceal from public view the large and substantial support for LET NY WORK among the members of the 11 coalition organizations.   

But name-calling won't persuade the unpersuaded that CSEA's policies are better than LET NY WORK'S  and won't help NYS residents understand and find a way out of NYS's fiscal and property tax crisis.   NYS's problems aren't too  complex for savvy NYS voters, if the alternatives are explained to them forthrightly.   Complexity shouldn't be an excuse for the NYS legislators who created the “complexity” to escape oversight or discussion about the complex crisis they've created. 

 NYS's residents are suffering – that's no secret.  And  NYS's biggest lay off problem is the 1,600,000+ residents forced to move out of NYS in the last 10 years by NYS's unfriendly tax and business climate – a self-perpetuating cycle wherein those most victimized by the status quo don't vote against the NYS policies which drove them away, because they are no longer NYS voters.   

NYS voters deserve a clear explanation of the pros and cons of various policies proposed by various parties as solutions for NYS's problems.  CSEA Pres. Donohue is informed and knowledgeable.  Doubtless he has persuasive arguments for his policy preferences and opposition to LET NY WORK.  What are his arguments?   Hopefully in the near future, he will provide  a thoughtful and detailed explanation for  opposing LET NY WORK's specific policy recommendations.   NYS voters deserve reasoned and thoughtful explanations from their leaders.  BEST4NY trusts a majority of NYS voters to make the best choices  for NYS, if the voters are fully informed about those choices.