STIPENDS: an "archaic system" and "pension padding", or a means to Better Education 4NY?

Thanks to Blind Brook School District Board of Ed member (and BEST4NYer) Jeff Diamond for bringing this to our attention:

Public discussion about teacher compensation typically focuses on salary, steps, lanes, pension, healthcare.  Oh-0h,

don't forget “stipends.”  Some Blind Brook teachers  (readers should investigate their own districts) receive additional compensation for “mentoring” new teachers.  Since average annual compensation before retirement determines the amount of pension, stipends which boost annual compensation also boost pension payments.   Whether that's good or bad is in the eye of the beholder.  But, as Jeff Diamond points out in his blog, sunlight and public discussion on the stipend program is appropriate in these budget-challenged times.   Is  it “an archaic system that is a hold-over from the days when teachers were not properly compensated”?   When the program was created and annual salaries were lower, were projections done of the effect of stipends on pensions?   See Jeff's discussion with links to news articles at:


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