SIGN THE MANDATE RELIEF PETITION – Turn the trickle into a flood. BREAKING NEWS: today, April 13, the NYSSBA, NEW YORK STATE SCHOOL BOARDS ASSOCIATION became signer #114

Friday the 13th is a lucky day for all NYS residents oppressed by the NYS Legislature's unfunded mandates.  Why?   Because the NYS School Boards Assocation (“NYSSBA”), a leading and influential voice for mandate

reform in this state, has signed on to the Mandate Relief petition.   Here is NYSSBA's description of itself on its own website ,  “The New York State School Boards Association serves as the statewide voice of more than 700 boards of education. The collective influence of some 5,000 school board members, who constitute half the elected officials in the state, enables the Association to work toward the benefit of the elementary and secondary public school system in New York State. School board members are the educational leaders of their communities; they determine policies that govern the operation of their local public school system. ”

To read and sign the petition: 


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Sign the petition

Please spread the word to family members, friends, neighbors, your local school boards, your local town boards, candidates for school board in this May's school board elections, your county legislators, your NYS Senator, your NYS Assemblyman, and candidates for those offices in next November's elections.

To find your NYS Senator and NYS Assemblyman, the NY Association of Counties will help you here:  Contact Your Legislators


One Response to SIGN THE MANDATE RELIEF PETITION – Turn the trickle into a flood. BREAKING NEWS: today, April 13, the NYSSBA, NEW YORK STATE SCHOOL BOARDS ASSOCIATION became signer #114

  1. Maura Gallagher

    Before signing the petition, please consider what mandates are being included. Generally, I agree that it is unfair to force the districts to pay for things the state legislature deems necessary; however, I am concerned about the proposal that is embedded in this mandate reduction which would reduce the non-public school busing requirement from 15 miles to 5 miles. If districts follow this ruling, it would have an enormous negative impact on the private schools. The impact on the private schools would force more students into the public schools and would end up costing more money. Transportation to non-public schools is a nominal piece of any district budget. General support (administrators’ costs) and health and pensions are the parts of the budgets that are weighing on the taxpayers. These budget items are growing astronomically and add nothing to the quality of education. On average, the state of NY is paying $21,000 per student ($58 billion in taxes) for education. Where are the economies of scale that are supposed to come from the public schools? Consolidating districts and changing the qualified benefit retirement system to a 401K is one solution. Unions do not like this solution because they do not like the potential fluctuation in the 401K. They do not seem to understand that pensions fluctuate too, however, the taxpayer is forced to make up the difference. How is that fair? We guarantee comfortable retirements for municipal workers while wondering how/if we will ever retire – and retiring in NY in growing increasingly impossible.