BEST4NY consists of a five member executive committee and people engaged in different kinds of grassroots activity, depending upon interest and available time.   People and groups “join” by helping however they can.  Any help is better than no help.�� Presently we neither accept nor solicit funds – group members cover whatever they spend on this effort.   Meetings occur monthly.  Newcomers are welcome.  BEST4NY is a team effort.   The larger the team, the greater the effort, the greater the result.

The structural model for our organization is NYSUT, the NYS teachers union and political lobbying organization.   NYSUT consists of a statewide organization affiliated with local chapters in different school districts.  BEST4NY will focus on statewide issues and serve  as an umbrella organization collaborating with and assisting local grassroots organizations, formal or informal local citizens’ groups/efforts, and even individuals,  in local communities.  Local groups will make their own decision about how best to organize themselves and what to focus on in their own communities.