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Four Types of Essays

Essays are written for different purposes. While some are written with the aim of enlightening someone of something new, others are written to convince the audience or influence them. There are some which are written to describe or illustrate more about something. Below are four types of essays and the purposes they seek to serve. By the stats of, these types are the most common and you will definitely take advantages of them.

Persuasive essay

A persuasive essay, as the name suggests, is an essay written with the objective of persuading, convincing, influencing and motivating the audience about something. Its purpose is to inspire or motivate the reader(s) to consent or agree with you on something or your views. Additionally, persuasive essays tend to prove to the audience that a certain idea or opinion is better than the other. Hence, the reader(s) gets to espouse or approve a particular perception.

To write a persuasive essay, consider the following tips:

  • Choose a topic. Select a topic which you have points in support of it and against it.
  • Select a firm position. This will help you to present or outlay your assertions with ease. Also, will be able to sound more authoritative.
  • Create an outline. Note down all your points in a coherent manner.
  • Choose a position for your thesis. Do not weigh your options or ideas. Select a firm position on the topic in discussion.
  • Write your paper. State the reasons why you are for or against the topic and provide reasons to support your claims.
  • Conclude your paper with a statement which calls the reader(s) to action.

Expository essay

An expository essay is an essay which seeks to expose or reveal something. Its main objective is to notify or inform the reader(s) about something while providing supporting facts. You are required to scrutinize, study or analyze a precise topic, provide arguments, and have the ability to convince the audience. The reader(s) need to be enlightened and convinced at the end of your article.

To write an expository essay, consider the following tips:

  • Choose a topic.
  • Select a title.
  • Conduct extensive research and gather all the information you may need.
  • Create an outline. Note down your points on the basis of your research.
  • Develop a thesis statement.
  • Write your essay. State your facts and provide reasons showing why you support it.
  • Conclude your article with a statement which convinces the audience.

Descriptive essay

A descriptive essay is an essay which simply describes a place, a person or an event. The purpose of a descriptive essay is to test your ability in expressing yourself and elucidating your experiences. A descriptive essay is more or less similar to a narrative essay. Therefore, you need to be able to describe a place, a person or an event in a detailed manner. The audience needs to be brought to the actual happening of events. They should not formulate questions or ideas in their minds and develop their conclusions. You need to clearly state your points in your writing.

Personal essay

A personal essay is an essay which incorporates different writing styles. You can write about yourself, an event or specific period in your life. The purpose of a personal essay is to narrate the event or period in a manner the audience can understand and fully experience. They need to relate well to your story. Therefore, talk more about yourself and your experiences. Take the audience through your feelings and emotions during that particular experience. Moreover, you can include your thoughts and opinions and not provide supporting facts unlike other types of essays.



Writing Styles to Follow

As a writer, there are different styles of writing that can be used in order to express a certain idea or concern. Most people at the present are involved in sending messages through a written context. This is a normal activity for an individual to be sending a certain message containing their ideas, reference, and interest to execute a certain action. As a result, there are different writing styles that are applied while the person is aiming to render their intent with another individual or the whole group.
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Writing Styles and Techniques

  1. Correct Choice of Words: Writing an essay needs to know the right amount of words used to deliver a certain message. In order to promote an effective writing, essaybasics writing service should know how to use a dictionary and thesaurus to improve their vocabulary. It is important to call things using their names in order to generate a formal tone in the writing. As a writer, the style and technique for each word should not show any sign of redundancy, jargon, clichés, fancy words, negative expressions, and slangs. All words should be used in a formal tone.
  2. Provide a correct sentence structure: Every writer is aware that a sentence is composed of words in order to denote an expression or an idea. The author is certain that relevance plays an important role in explaining the relationship of the topic to the reader. Relying on the active voice enhances a formal tone to each word presented in the writing. Having a consistent climactic series essentially promotes a proper way of discussing the ideas one-by-one. This is to show consistency with the main arguments of the writer’s topic.
  3. Choice of paragraph structure: As writer, an emphasis is important so that the main subject is explained in a clear and concise manner. There should be a pattern for every discussion discussed in the whole paper. It is important to create at least three paragraphs in order to make a well-organized written output. These are the introduction, body, and conclusion so that the whole content becomes feasible and understandable to the reader. Always start with a strong statement and end with relevant concluding sentences in the conclusion section.
  4. Use characterization to the whole context: Using active voice is considered as the most common form of formal essay writing. Active voice is referred to a type of an essay’s characterization that highlights the main subject matter. It features a formal voice tone, indicating that the written output is professionally written. An example is using facts rather than fiction can best describe an active voice so that the writing style becomes credible and reliable to the reader.


Writing styles and techniques have been learned to have different varieties. This is dependent on the style that the author is trying to comprehend in order to denote a certain topic. It is important to know the proper styles and techniques to deliver high-quality paper. These are choosing the right words, restructuring the sentence, and organizing the paragraphs while attempting to discuss and prove a certain fact. As a result, the writer will begin to develop a concise structure as a way to improve the discussion point of the phenomenon, ideas, and references to the research.

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